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Electrometer EM 2.0

Electrometer EM 2.0

The electrometer is a high resistance (impedance) voltmeter of high precision which is required for many experiments in the fields of Ionics, conventional Electrochemistry and in many other fields. It is always needed if a voltage has to be measured without disturbing the equilibrium within and between various phases, e.g., electrodes and electrolytes, by an electrical current which commonly causes polarization effects. The internal resistance of the Electrometer EM 2.0 is >1014 Ohm. This requires special precautions by using teflon insulation of the connectors and the cables. The measurement range is from -10 to +10 V.

The Electrometer EM 2.0 may be also employed as an impedance converter, e.g., for impedance measurements on samples with extraordinarily high resistances. It is necessary in the case that the equipment does not produce phase shifts and amplitude changes by the electronics and cables. The Electrometer has been specifically developed to compensate possible interferences of the measuring equipment and makes frequencies applicable up to 1 MHz. Teflon insulated and electrically shielded Triax cables (1 m in length) are employed.

An outlet is available at the back of the instrument for recorders and computers, which has absolutely no interference with the measured voltage even in the case of high impedances.


Internal resistance: 1014 Ohm
Insulation against case: Teflon
Frequency range: DC - 1 MHz
Display: LED
Output: absolutely free of interference with the measured voltage signal


Width: ca 23.5 cm (1/2 19“) (including case)
Height: ca 13.5 cm
Depth: ca. 26 cm