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Air Oxygen Sensor AOS 2.0

Air Oxygen Sensor AOS 2.0
Sensor Head (SH) and Sensor Control and Display Unit(SCU)

The air oxygen gas sensor AOS 2.0 is a miniaturized limiting current type amperometric device for oxygen partial pressure measurements in ambient atmospheres. It is based on the application of advanced solid oxygen ion conducting electrolytes with improved electro-chemical properties. It does not require reference electrodes which might become used up in the course of time. All parts are solid. The sensor is selective to oxygen and does not require maintenance.

Voltages and currents are controlled and measured, respectively, with high precision by the Sensor Control Unit (SCU), which also includes the precise temperature control.

The LC- display shows the oxygen partial pressure in % with high precision for any oxygen partial pressure.

The sensor head (SH) is available directly connected to the SCU, as a stand-free device or with connectors to walls and ceilings, integrated into gas-tight feed-throughs or in customer-designed devices.

Typical Areas of Application

All measurements of oxygen partial pressures in the percentage range, e.g. in
- ambient atmospheres, at home, at work sites, in shops, at sporting and
social events
- exhausts of combustion furnaces, heaters
- poorly ventilated places
- wine cellars etc.


Applicable oxygen partial pressure range: < 1 - 50 %; Resolution: 0.1 %
Selective to oxygen (primarily)
Response time: t90 < 30 sec
LC-display (3 digits) of the oxygen partial pressure in %
Analogue output: 0 - 0.1 ... 10 V (freely selectable); 4 - 20 mA for 0 - 50 %
Power supply: 220 V AC (50 - 60 Hz); 110 V AC (50 - 60 Hz) (optionally)
Power consumption: max 15 W
Temperature control of the active sensor element ± 0.1 - 1 °C
(depending on the flow rate of the gas)
Accuracy: ± (1.5 % reading + 0.3 % full range)
Signal stability: ± 3 %/year
Warranty: 2 years


Sensor head: 2 cm in diameter x 4.2 cm in length
Read out box: w x h x d = 23.5 (1/2 19 ") x 13.5 x 26 cm3
Weight: ca 3 kp