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The Products

The Company | Ionic Systems GmbH

Sensoren: The category “sensors” lists devices for the measurement and control of oxygen with solid electrolytes. We offer amperometric as well as potentiometric sensors that apply new, patented materials, measurement principles, and arrangements. The amperometric sensors work at lowest temperatures and use a special solid ion conductor which eliminates problems associated with conventional potentiometric sensors on the basis of zirconium oxide.
  • Their high precision of measurement is independent of ambient partial pressure.
  • They display lowest cross sensitivity to other gases.

Trace oxygen (O2) can therefore be measured exactly and reliably at 1/10 ppm- (parts per million) and at percent-levels.

Instruments: The category “instruments” lists electronic measurement and control devices. Ionic System's Electrometers (high resistance voltmeter) and voltage and current controllers (potentiostats, galvanostats) display highest precision, extremely low response times, robustness, and easy operation.

Lab Equipment: The category “lab equipment” lists devices facilitating daily laboratory tasks, for example sample holders for electrical measurements under defined gas mixtures, furnaces, and oxygen monitor and control devices.

Ionic Systems was founded in 1992 and is the specialist for latest developments in the field of chemical sensors based on solid electrolytes and instrumentation in the field of ionics.

The Customers

Customers apply our sensors wherever they need detection, highest precision measurement and control of gases and gas mixtures, for example:
  • Semiconductor industry, clean room - control of production conditions in clean rooms.
  • Food industry - atmospheric control in food packaging.
  • Welding, soldering - control of the inert gas atmosphere.
  • Laboratory, glove box (inert gas box) - control of the inert gas atmosphere; trace oxygen detection.

Customers using our electronic measurement and control instruments (potentiostat, galvanostat, electrometer) come out of the field of electrochemistry and other areas that require most precise, quick measurement and adjustment of voltages and currents.

Customers using our lab equipment come out of the fields of solid state ionics and material sciences.